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By admin, February 1, 2014

Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre (PSC) is an organisation that brings together the production of sculpture with critical, cultural and educational programming on this art form. We enable the realisation of ambitious artworks by offering expertise to help sculptors hone their skills and advance their practice.



Byzantia Harlow; Autumn Artists’ Residency 2015


Founded in 2013, PSC is a Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to promoting critical engagement and innovation in the field of three-dimensional creative practice. Over the years we have piloted various aspects of this vision through short-term initiatives. This has earned PSC a a reputation for being both rigorous and innovative, combining grassroots activism with commercial activity to support its not-for-profit ambitions. Collaboration is integral to a culture of sharing and caring. Our multifarious activities web together a rich and diverse network of individuals and organisations that share our commitment to making cultural production more sustainable, accessible, diverse and engaged.PSC is committed to providing essential opportunities, practical support and facilities for practitioners to enable the development of sculpture in the UK and beyond. Central to our ethos is that artists should be able to further their practice without the constraint caused by a lack of access to equipment, facilities and expertise.

PSC aspires to be an international centre for distinction in sculpture, a context where creativity can flourish and which supports artists and arts organisations alike, meeting the diverse needs of both domestic and overseas practitioners and other sculpture enthusiasts, including curators, collectors and commissioners.

PSC offers:

  • Consultancy and advice – from commissioning to artwork fabrication
  • Access to a network of 1,000+ exciting artists, art enthusiasts and industry professionals (critics, curators, collectors, fabricators, technicians and others)
  • Technical and curatorial expertise in the production and exhibition of sculpture
  • Critical programming: seminars on the context and history of sculpture; talks by experts and enthusiasts in the field; practical workshops for skills training
  • Fixed-term and flexible-use, affordable studio spaces for three-dimensional artists, designed to accommodate contemporary working methods and project-based practices*
  • An experimental public platform for both the realisation and exhibition of ambitious three-dimensional works
  • Educational programming to promote engagement, discovery and innovation in this field of three-dimensional practice
  • Employment, networking, residency, exhibition, commissioning opportunities and other creative and business support to assist practitioners in developing long-term and sustainable careers.

*PSC’s studio and work space facility is currently closed. We have a new space in development and will announce further details on this in due course, via our mailing list.
PSC’s Directors

Elizabeth Neilson

Lucy Tomlins


Advisory Board

Dr Marsha Bradfield

Flora Fairbairn (Independent Curator and Art Advisor)

Roland Guenther (Vice-President of Deutsche Bank UK)

Susie Lawson (Arts Publicist)

Sven Mündner (Freelance Curator with a focus on art in the public sphere / Consultant for Creative Industries Development)

Cathy Wills (Trustee of the Contemporary Art Society and Chair of their Collections Committee)


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“I am delighted to support Pangaea in their mission, which aligns with Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s longstanding commitment to working with artists at all stages of their practice. Especially in the formative years after graduation, artists need help navigating the ‘business’ whilst preserving the essential head-space and working environment that this kind of work requires. There is a great deal involved in effectively documenting, archiving, presenting and circulating artworks and it can be challenging to get the right technical and practical advice on how to make, store and install sculpture. By prioritising these things, we hope to offer a nurturing platform that gives artists the confidence to grow not only into the next stages of their development but into a long and exciting vision ahead. This is why the work of Pangaea is absolutely essential and this resource will make a significant contribution to the future history of sculpture in the UK and beyond.”




Jamie Fitzpatrick; Autumn Artists’ Residency 2015