The Seed - Pangaea Sculptors' Centre

By lucy, October 3, 2021


The Seed

Chapter 1 of Hand Earth Gesture Return

A short film made in a wheat field, shortly before harvest time (the straw from which will form the foundation of the physical artworks to be realised later, alongside unfired clay and water), in Chapter 1: The Seed, you are invited to experience the beginnings of the material cycle and the roots of collaboration. Centred on a drumming jam, our five visual artists and five drummers begin to explore the connections and disjuncture between their art forms, from their specific cultural perspectives and lived experiences, through rhythm and dialogue.

Featuring participating musicians Parmjeet Bamrah, Anabell Febles, Mahandra Patel, Abraham Paddy Tetteh and Luke Weaver, specialists in world-music rhythms from Africa, India, Latin America and beyond. This film records the first time these musicians have ever played together.

Hand Earth Gesture Return is an experimental artwork that publicly manifests across different media (film, photography, sculpture, performance, installation, events) over the course of a year, as chapters. Through this approach we aim to share the development and evolution, across time and space, of public sculpture, of an idea, of materials and their processing.


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