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By lucy, October 1, 2021


The Rick
Chapter 2 of Hand / Earth / Gesture / Return


October – December, Hatton Farm, Warwickshire

Open by appointment (groups welcome) –

A temporary outdoor installation made of wheat straw, which takes inspiration from traditional thatched ricks. Synonymous with the English landscape until the middle of the last century, stacks and ricks are still used to store and dry straw and grain in many parts of the world today. This sculptural intervention is a way-marker for Chapter 2 of this evolving art programme, the local growing and harvesting of a crop of Atle Spring wheat, the straw from which forms one of the three main materials present in Hand / Earth / Gesture / Return.

Spring 2021 saw the sowing of this crop of Atle Spring wheat at Hatton Farm, Warwickshire. This local growing story has taken us, and those that have joined us, on an incredible journey of discovery, learning about straw production, crafts, cultures and traditions. We have learnt and taught traditional harvesting techniques such as scything and using a vintage tractor and reaper-binder, stooking and thatching. We have experienced the physical labour and comradery of threshing and winnowing wheat grain. We better understand some of the complexities and challenges of arable farming techniques, old and new. And we’ve dipped our toes into the world of heritage grains, hybridisation and crop diversity. More on heritage grains >

Hand / Earth / Gesture / Return is an experimental artwork that publicly manifests across different media (film, photography, sculpture, performance, installation, events) over the course of a year, as chapters. Through this approach we aim to share the development and evolution, across time and space, of public sculpture, of an idea, of materials and their processing.


Hand / Earth / Gesture / Return >




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