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Artist Luke Hart working on Fractal Weave Structure I; credit Daniel Gower

Your support in the short-term will enable us to realise a financially sustainable future.


PSC is a Community Interest Company (CIC) Limited by Guarantee, the organisation’s aims and objectives are:

  • To foster and encourage the appreciation, furtherance and practice of sculpture and other three dimensional art practice
  • To benefit fine art practitioners whose work/research/interests involve sculpture and three- dimensional form making
  • To benefit the wider arts community and wider public interested in the arts.

Our goal is to advance sculptural practice in the UK. As an non-profit able to undertake commercial activity, all profits generated from this work are reinvested to support our artists network and delivery our cultural and educational programming. This core commitment underpins our raison d’être.




Utilising grant-funding in the short-term to support the development of our cultural programme, in delicate balance with increasing our commercial activity year-on-year, we are creating an new kind of arts organisation that can be self-sufficient of subsidy and support in years to come. The more commercial aspects will enable PSC to continue to offer our key services at a lower, subsidised price point, thereby enabling affordability to the widest breadth of artists.
A CIC has a ‘lock’ on its assets which prevents profits being taken out of the organisation and which ensures all donations and assets are used to support the organisation’s objectives. Our current programme is funded with the help of funding bodies, sponsors, trusts and foundations and private benefactors.Resource sharing is central to all our activities and we continuously seek to develop new networks and reach new audiences through collaborations with partner organisations.

PSC offers a complete package of ways to engage with this art form from making to exhibition, talks and practical workshops to education and online resources. The support of funders can trigger greater activity in the area that best aligns with your interests, whether this be developing unique educational programming, sponsoring workshop equipment and materials or, supporting the development of exciting new art and its exhibition.

Please email the directors if you would like to talk to us about personalising where your support goes and our vision for PSC’s future growth:

Alternatively, you can donate directly here. Both large and small, donations make a big difference.

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Photography credits: Marc Cowan, Miriam Kings, Silvina Soria, Dominic Tschudin, Luke Hart & Daniel Gower
Video credits: Fiona Whitty and Sparked (Grenville Davey video)

Special thanks to: Evan Brindle, Broken Toy Films, Ben Burtenshaw, Miriam Kings, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Silvina Soria, Ken Wilder, Richard Wilson, Sam Zealey


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