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By lucy, July 10, 2016


Monuments Workshop – A variety of artworks dealing with loss, including Baby Things by Tracey Emin (commissioned for the Folkestone Triennial 2008)
are used as a teaching aid to explore the possibilities for contemporary monuments. Photo credit: Adelina Wong.


Custom-built Educational Workshops

Sculpture as a Tool for Wider Learning

At PSC we believe in the power of sculptural practice to enrich lived experience and transform society through sensitising us to the many complex forms that structure our day-to-day reality. Working in 3D helps us to appreciate both our natural and built environment; planning in 3D primes us to anticipate complicated futures; creating 3D art catapults us into other realities where the dreams of today may provide the answers of tomorrow.

We believe in sculpture as a tool for wider learning. Encouraging engagement at an early age can teach skills in science, engineering, maths and construction via the back door to children that are better suited to learning about these subjects through practical application.

We work with experienced educators and technicians to design one-of sessions and courses that use sculpture to teach the outcomes you require. We can work within your space or you can come to us. For more information and to discuss this service email

Case Study: Monuments Workshop
Brief: Details coming soon.
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