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By admin, June 27, 2019

Image credit: In the process of moulding an ancient olive tree, pink silicone is pulled away from its trunk, creating a skin. Courtesy of the artist.

Lucy Tomlins explores social and current affairs through a process of remaking readymade, pre-existing objects from contemporary society.

Her sculptural practice reconstructs and reimagines everyday objects, carefully selected for their ability to reflect aspects of contemporary life and current social concerns in concrete form. She is intrigued by how the process of altering these known objects through scale, material, placement and juxtaposition creates an allegorical language and encourages the viewer to reconsider their everyday, situated context.

Unapologetically defining herself as a ‘sculptor’ in a time of dematerialised art practice, Lucy embraces the deeply rooted commitment to craft skills within this art form but is also committed to an elasticity of sculptural techniques that harness the values, principles and commitments of a sensibility preoccupied with the phenomenological experience of materiality and space.

Lucy received her MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2012). Selected exhibitions include Concrete Country in Red, Art Collection, University of Warwick (2019); Ángel Mío, Zona Maco (GalerÍa de Arte Mexicano), Mexico City (2019); Concrete Country in Red, RHS Chatsworth House, Derbyshire (2018), Synergia, GalerÍa de Arte Mexicano (GAM), Mexico City (2018); Pylon and Pier, Sculpture At Bermondsey Square, Vitrine, London (2017); Use/User/Used (2016) and Invites (2013), Zabludowicz Collection, London; Under the Cloche or You Always Catch Me Napkin, with George Little, Bosse and Baum, London (2016); Saturday Worship, Worcester Cathedral (2013); Lucy Tomlins & Rebecca Whitmore, BayArt, Cardiff (2013) and Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Awards exhibition, South Kensington (2013).

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