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Fabrication Services


The approach we take to our fabrication service is unique in the industry. We are committed to creating opportunities which enable artists to develop long-term sustainable art practices. We do this by creating opportunities for paid employment that utilise their technical skills and experience, in a way that does not demand a full-time commitment and recognises the need of artists to spend time on their own practice, as well as the money required to sustain it.

All our fabricators are also artists working within the field of sculpture. They understand that the making process can be pivotal in the development of an artwork. We are both happy to take your fully realised design and fabricate it for you, or work in a way that is much more collaborative, maintaining closer contact with you throughout the process so that you can affect, interrupt and alter the evolution of the artwork as suits your own creative expression.

All our artist/fabricators are carefully selected for the quality of their craftsmanship and experience. Please get in touch if you would like to see examples of our fabrication experience.

If you would like to discuss the fabrication of your artwork with us, or receive a quote, email the details of your project to admin@pangaeasculptorscentre.com. Give us as much detail as you can, including any photos or sketches you have. What is the essence of the work? What is your preferred style, level of finish and choice of materials? Is the material choice important to the work (we may be able to recommend others more suitable or cost effective)? What is your deadline?

We also offer a technical service, if you would prefer to work alongside one of our skilled technicians to help realise your project, or an aspect of it.

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