Ambition and Afterlife - Visit to Heatherwick Studio Archive - Pangaea Sculptors' Centre

By admin, October 22, 2015


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What to Keep and How to Keep it.

Practical and philosophical insights based on the archival decisions of the Heatherwick Studio

26 November 2015, 3 – 5 pm

What stays and what goes? Artists and others working three-dimensionally have to make decisions every day about what’s important enough to keep and what gets thrown away, especially in London where escalating rent prices put space at a premium. These decisions only get more complicated as the ambition, scale and volume of an artist’s project(s) increase and even moreso, when their works are recognised as making a key contribution to our time. Ideally, this goes hand-in-hand with being able to afford more space and perhaps a few experts to help in the decision making and practicalities of this process.

Established by renowned designer Thomas Heatherwick in 1994, Heatherwick Studio is recognised for its work in architecture, urban infrastructure, sculpture, design and strategic thinking. Today a team of 170, including architects, designers and makers work from a combined studio and workshop in Kings Cross, London. At the heart of this hive of activity is a profound commitment to finding innovative design solutions, with a dedication to artistic thinking and the latent potential of materials and craftsmanship. This is achieved through a working methodology of collaborative rational enquiry, undertaken in a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.

Archivist, Alice O’Hanlon and Model Conservator, Georgina Wesley will give PSC and guests behind-the-scenes access to the Heatherwick Studio archive and conservation area. There they will share insights into Heatherwick Studio’s approach to archiving, exploring practical considerations, such as how you retroactively preserve a suitable trace of a key work for prosperity. They will also consider philosophical concerns, including what traces get kept and why.

With: Alice O’Hanlon, Archivist, and Georgina Wesley, Conservator, for Heatherwick Studio
Where: Heatherwick Studio, 356-364 Gray’s Inn Road
London WC1X 8BH

Part of the Ambition and Afterlife season.

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