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By admin, June 27, 2019

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Summer 2019
International Artists’ Residency, Castellón Province, Spain (PARC)
28 August – 3 September

Museo etnológico, C/ Estatuto / 12194 Vall d’Alba, Castellón, Spain

Artists-in-residence Katrin Hanusch, Georgina Sleap and Lucy Tomlins and curator-in-residence Àngels Miralda undertook an active, research residency this August from PSC’s base in Castellòn, Spain. Taking-over the Ethnological Museum of Vall d’Alba from 28 August – 3 September, the artist-residents brought pre-existing artworks, components and materials to collaborate with their new context, Àngels and each other to reflexively re-make their sculptures in a sensitive and site-responsive way, producing an exhibition. In-line with PSC’s commitment to making the making visible, the exhibition’s development will be carried out in public, presenting an opportunity to see how an exhibition evolves and is made.

The residents investigated the following shared reflective / reflexive research themes:

  • The Social Nature of Making Sculpture Producing sculpture requires the artist to relate not only to the evolving objects, but to people. Rooted in matter which must be researched, sourced, traded, moved and constructed, it is an innately social process which leads us into encounters with others, some surprising, others common place.
  • Slow by Design Each of our three artists-in-residence have a practice that is purposefully labour-intensive. The aforementioned periods of sociality are intermittent breaks in a pattern of working with materials that is slow by design, often involving repetitive, physical acts. As hours go by, a state of mindfulness is achieved. This quiet pursuit towards a singular vision is balanced with a preparedness to move into the field of the unknown, the final artworks a result of the unfolding influences of the specific context.
  • Life-cycle, Continuous This PSC research strand considers the life-cycle of both artwork and artist’s legacy. In this residency, the artists will explore how their artworks transform, evolve and transition across platforms, people, place and time. Bringing works that have been made for, made in, or previously exhibited in a range of alternative, specific social and cultural contexts, the participants will consider the impact of this new situated context.

The PARC residency exhibition is part of the Festival of Vall d’Alba and is supported by the Town Hall of Vall d’Alba and the Town Hall of Atzeneta del Maestrat.

Exhibition Text by Àngels Miralda

Exhibition and Event Details

Katrin Hanusch

Image credit: The Romance (2019). Courtesy of the artist.

Àngels Miralda

Image credit: Àngels Miralda curates Extraction: Liquid Flames of the Solid Core, featuring work by Ana Alenso, El pan de cada día, 2016. Courtesy of the artist.



​First contact with canes. Collecting, peeling and building up a raw material supply.



​First contact with canes. Collecting, peeling and building up a raw material supply.



Georgina Sleap

Image credit: Early progress on the paper sculptures, in a field near Georgina’a studio at the Fayoum Art Centre, Egypt. Courtesy of the artist.

Lucy Tomlins

Image credit: In the process of moulding an ancient olive tree, pink silicone is pulled away from its trunk, creating a skin. Courtesy of the artist.


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