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By lucy, June 3, 2019

Sculpture Production Award 2019







Images top L-R: Katrina Cowling, 'Scantily Clad' (2016), photo credit Nicholas Singleton; Suzi Osborn, 'In search of the New Monuments', courtesy of the artist; Liam Fallon, 'Use Your Muscle, Carve it Out, Work It, Hustle', courtesy of the artist.
Images bottom L-R: Andrew Gillespie, 'Osmotic Tendencies', courtesy of the artist; Yelena Popova, 'Townlets (interactive sculpture balancing game)', courtesy of the artist; Emily Stollery, 'Swoon', courtesy of the artist

We are delighted to announce that the Sculpture Production Award 2019 recipients are Katrina Cowling, Liam Fallon, Andrew Gillespie, Suzi Osborn, Yelena Popova and Emily Stollery. Katrina has also been selected to exhibit at the Coventry Biennial this October.

Open to emerging artists working in 3D, based within the UK but outside of London, the Sculpture Production Award 2019 provides six sculptors with skills mentoring and a £1,000 production grant towards the realisation of a new work. The Award is aimed at artists looking to explore the process of working with specialist fabricators.

In the works of Katrina Cowling, indeterminable and delicate sculptural landscapes are littered with relic-like objects; the organic and sensual abutting against the cold hard lines of post-modernism, creating precarious and atmospheric installations which speak of alienation, dislocation, ritual and place.

How can a moment of interaction in time be reduced to a metaphor? Liam Fallon is an artist who reflects on values of sentimentality, such as love and loss, transposing them in to the language of sculpture.

Andrew Gillespie appropriates imagery and forms native to popular culture to explore the relationships between objects and images, their spatial collisions and material connections.

Suzi Osborn’s work examines the use of pattern within the spatial fabric of the city and considers the ways in which artificial environments court affective responses in the public.

Modernism, industrialisation, nuclear history and the tensions between East and West amplified by the Cold War are themes that reoccur in the art of Yelena Popova’s. 

Finally, Emily Stollery focuses on form and the seductive properties of materials. Manipulating materials in ways that go against their natural propensity, her resulting sculptures openly demonstrate the struggles of her process in her works. 

Partners of the Production Skills Award 2019 are Branch Arts, Castlefield Gallery, Coventry Biennial, CVAN EM, CVAN South East, Eastside Projects, New Art West Midlands, New Contemporaries, Primary, STEAMhouse, Temporary Contemporary, YVAN Yorkshire and Humberside and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Funded by Arts Council England and Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre.

With special thanks to:

CVAN EM, CVAN South East, Eastside Projects, New Art West Midlands, STEAMhouse and the Yorkshire & Humber Visual Arts Network for supporting the cost of administering the Open Call to ensure it remains free to apply.

Our selection panel: Ruth Claxton, Associate Director of Eastside Projects and Creative Director of STEAMhouse; Flora Fairbairn, Independent Curator, Art Advisor and Director of Branch Arts; Ryan Gander, Artist; Helen Pheby, Head of Curatorial Programme at Yorkshire Sculpture Park; and Lucy Tomlins, Director of Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre