Employment - Pangaea Sculptors' Centre

By admin, December 8, 2015


We are committed to creating opportunities which enable artists to develop long-term sustainable art practices. We do this by creating opportunities for paid employment that utilise their creative and technical skills and experience, in a way that does not demand a full-time commitment. We recognise the need of artists to spend time on their own practice as well as to earn the additional money required to sustain it.

Fabricators / Technicians

PSC is building a database of artists who are experienced fabricators or technicians to call on when specific projects require. If you’re currently looking for freelance, project work in either of these areas, email us at admin@pangaeasculptorscentre.com with details of your interests and experience, an up-to-date cv and examples of your work. Outline the role you played in the making of any artworks you include images of.


No opportunities are currently being advertised.