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Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise 2016 trophy

PSC values the potential of sculpture and other three-dimensional art practice to create environments that support diverse activities. These include business, health care, education and other organisational and institutional forms as well as a rich domestic life. Our approach to art consultancy springs from a commitment to enabling sculptural practice that is distinguished by its conceptual qualities and craftsmanship. We take pride in securing, producing, curating, installing and maintaining artworks in the public as well as private spheres. Many of these objects, images and installations are sourced from our extensive networks of artists, with our consultancy supporting their advancement by developing an audience for their practice, which is also sustained by income from sales.

For example, we have, for a number of years, supported the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise Trophy Commission. This involves working with Deutsche Bank to generate a brief and identifying and inviting leading emerging artists from our extensive network to make proposals. Working with Deutsche Bank, we select the option that best embodies and conveys their values. Subsequently, we support the artist through the production, editioning and delivery process to ensure their trophy meets and exceeds the expectations of the commission.

Drawing on our experienced team working within the fields of curation, production, research, technical services and fabrication, clients can access our bespoke services for their commission, ensuring the artworks meet their specific needs and scope of requirements, from a new collector seeking to diversify their growing collection to a large-scale commission of public art. Our personal touch ensures an experience that prioritises customer service. This we understand as an extension of the value that sculptural practice can add to our lived experience and capacity to succeed.

We would be pleased to discuss your specific consultancy needs. Kindly email the details to Please provide as much information as possible.